NeMUP research initiative

Neural mechanisms underlying pedophilia and sexual offending against children:
origins, assessment, and therapies

Participation at NeMUP project


Why participate?

Many pedophilic men are not aware of their disposition. Until now, they have not assaulted a child, however, the sexual arousal by children exists. If an exact diagnosis is made early, treatment measures can be utilized and committing child sexual abuse offenses can be prevented. To understand the origin and course of pedophilia and thus improve therapy and to offer help, further studies are necessary. Specifically, it is also about a crime prevention effect. By participating in the studies of the NeMUP project (as a subject in experimental group or control group), the researchers will be actively supported on their way to achieving these goals.

What will happen during the investigations?

During project participation, interviews will be conducted and questionnaires completed dealing with personality characteristics and sexuality, and blood samples will be taken to investigate hormones and genes. In addition, a magnetic resonance imaging measurement (MRI) will take place during which various images with sexual content are presented. Possible risks correspond to a routine doctor's visit. Data analysis and publication is done anonymously.

Who can participate?

Pedophilic and hebephilic men between 18 and 55 years of age may participate as part of the experimental group. On the other hand healthy men between 18 and 55 years are sought for the comparison group. Fluent knowledge of the German language is necessary.

What you get for participating?

If interested, participants can get a CD with recordings of their brain. They will also receive an expense allowance.

Where can I register?

Participants can apply directly to one of the participating sites, also without providing actual names. It is not necessary to select the site closest to the home address. Click on the site of your choice to send an email directly: Berlin, Kiel, Hannover, Magdeburg.

The respective email adress is composed of "probanden_" + "name of the city in small letters" + "".


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